Lordus Boke is a nic-name one of those 8 siblings of mine tagged me with and the rest is history.  Had a few more – cause why not when there’s 9 of you – just go ahead and make it harder for anyone to remember all of your names.  None of the rest of the nic names passed the test of time so Lordus Boke won fair and square and now rests gently up against your finger tips as you’re scrolling by. . .  And since that finger of yours has paused long enough to read this – well, just know whether you arrived exhausted and need a place to rest or ticked off and want to punch the screen – I hope to have handed you two things about God when you leave — He is just and He is kind.     As to the exact audience I write to — that is simple, I write to The Woman in Wisconsin.  So what does that mean?  It means I’ve been hammered by my dear, dear friends to quit hiding my stories safely within this computer and start sharing this hope I trade in.  I was told “What if there’s a woman in Wisconsin who really needs to hear your encouragement but you haven’t been brave enough to put them out there for her.  What if your voice is what she will respond to – to do another day on the planet because of.  What about the woman in Wisconsin!”  And so I write.  And so you read.  I hope:) Amen.  

~ Lordus Boke